Sweet Cooking


In breakfast on April 5, 2010 at 9:44 pm

I absolutely love Bouchon Bakery. I don’t know what Thomas Keller puts into his baked goods, but they are simply the best. When we were in Las Vegas, we had breakfast at Bouchon – it’s a ritual for every Vegas trip. I could eat there every morning, but I usually restrain myself (especially if the plan is to hit the pool later). There are a few healthy options on the menu, but I ALWAYS splurge at Bouchon. It’s just not the place to worry about your weight.

Breakfast at Bouchon Bakery - The Venetian, Las Vegas

So, I started (yes, I had an appetizer at breakfast) with a croissant. Perfect. Light. Flaky. Buttery. Melty.

This croissant makes me want to move to France.

My husband started (that sweet man will not let me eat alone) with a banana nut muffin. This muffin makes my muffins look like dog food. It was so moist and perfectly baked with just the right amount of banana and nut. I do not own any of Keller’s cookbooks, but I’m getting on Amazon right after I post this to buy them all. I will scour the earth and potentially risk a restraining order to get this recipe. That’s right, I’m going to stalk Thomas Keller. I must do it for the people who need the muffins!

The most perfect muffin ever.

Vegas was great. We had dinner at SW Steak, breakfast at Bouchon and dinner at Sinatra’s on our last night. My ego was slightly wounded at Sinatra’s when my husband declared that the tomato sauce on the meatballs was “the best he’s ever had.” I think it was the wine talking.

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