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Baguette Makes Banh Mi

In Bread on April 7, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Big adventure in the kitchen today. I made baguettes from scratch. I have to say, it’s a heck of a lot easier to walk to the market and buy a baguette. Nevertheless, I conquered the baguette today. The reason for making a baguette was to complete my favorite burger. I make Vietnamese Style Banh Mi burgers all the time. They are so tasty.  It’s a favorite in our house.

So, basically, you follow this Food & Wine recipe for the burger. Couple of things I alter….first, a lot less mayo in the spread. Second, I don’t chop the jalapenos because some people don’t want the heat and they are easier to pick off if not chopped. Third, I use whatever meat I have on hand. Sometimes it’s ground turkey, buffalo or sirloin.

Banh Mi Burger

Back to the baguette making. My hands were as sticky as a glue trap. I had to flour and flour and flour some more. Also, just a little pet peeve….while I was shoulder deep in dough and flour, the phone rang twice. It only rings twice all day. And when it’s 90 degrees out and your AC is broken, you answer the phone. My blackberry now has encrusted baguette dough on it. But the repairman is coming, so it’s worth it. And, I must say, the hot apartment created the perfect environment for the dough to rise.

Baguette dough before rising.

After sitting in hot apartment.

The Cooking Light baguette recipe I used calls for bread flour. I used whole wheat flour. I like whole wheat, and I thought it was good. It makes 2 loaves. I baked one loaf and froze the dough for the second loaf. I like recipes like that. It allows you to have a short-cut when you want to make Banh Mi Burgers again. Or bruschetta. Or little toasties with hummus. Or a big ole sandwich.

Fresh out of the oven.

  1. La Von, I am so impressed!!! Didn’t know about your love for cooking. You also write beautifully. I look forward to your blog. Have you seen the movie “Julia and Julia” ?

  2. LaVon, this is great, your dad sent to me from the office. I have really enjoyed it. the whole thing is very well done, including pictures and your writing. I will definitely keep signing on to your bakery blog. See you soon. Richie

  3. Um, Martha Stewart anyone? HOMEMADE baguettes??? Seriously Lavon, I am feeling rather inadequate. All kidding aside, I love the blog, it is making me famished, and you might have a whole new career in front of you…cooking/writing, who knows. love it! -alyssa

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