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Really Good (and easy) Strawberry Jam

In breakfast, Just Good Food, Spreads on April 14, 2010 at 4:56 pm

First a few announcements:

  • This little blog has received over 500 visits. Thanks for stopping by!
  • You can now access the site by going to http://www.bondstreetbakery.com. You don’t need to add the wordpress part.
  • I started a freelance job this week. That is really good news because I am out of freezer space, and now I can take my baked goods to the office.

Since the freezer runneth over, I had to figure out what to do with a bunch of strawberries that were reaching their prime. I have always passed right by recipes for jellies, jams and preserves because of the whole sterilized jar issue. I mean, that’s what Smucker’s is for. However, in my recipe research, I was ecstatic to find a Cooking Light recipe for Fresh Strawberry Jam that lead with “You don’t need to bring out the canning equipment for this jam. Store in a plastic container in the refrigerator for up to a month.” As if I have canning equipment!

Jam is just fresh fruit, sugar and a little lemon juice.

Pour the chopped fruit and sugar into a pot.

Turn up the heat.

About an hour later....fresh strawberry jam.

If you have particularly sweet strawberries, you can reduce the amount of sugar. And if you like a smoother consistency, chop your strawberries into a small dice or puree the cooked jam with a hand blender. This jam has a lot more flavor than jams purchased at the store. Just one tablespoon packs a big punch!

Jam on toast.

Greek yogurt topped with one tablespoon jam and chopped pecans.

  1. That jam looks damn good. I’m hoping LaVon saves some for me…. She loves to give all the good food away!

    • I gave away the rest of the pimento cheese rolls today. They were too good to keep in the house!

  2. LaVon, save some for Dan…. it does look good, I assume the same would be true with black berries my favorite, blue berry , raspberries, dew berries, peach jam???? What is the difference in jam and preserves??

    • I think you could make this jam using any berry! This is what I found for your jam vs. preserve question:
      The basic difference between jams and jellies is that jelly is made from the juice of the fruit only. Fruit is crushed, strained, and then is boiled with sugar and pectin in order to make a spreadable product. Jams on the other hand, feature crushed fruit, often with seeds left in berry jams. This means when you spread a jam, it will be somewhat lumpy since it contains some whole fruit. It is not the same with jelly, which spreads evenly.

      Preserves may not differ at all from jams. Preserves is a term simply meaning fruit that is preserved through a canning method. In commercial preparations, preserves may be used in place of jams because it has higher sugar content and is somewhat more syrupy than jams. Some varieties do not contain pectin. However, this varies — some people use the terms preserves and jams interchangeably.

  3. well thanks, probably more info than I needed but glad you are meticulous.

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