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Fend For Yourself

In Just Good Food, Wine on April 27, 2010 at 6:16 pm

My husband: What’s for dinner?

Me: I don’t have anything planned. You’ll have to fend for yourself.

My husband: I’ll order take-out.

Me: (standing in front of open refrigerator) I have some broccoli and rice. Do you want me to make some for you too?

My husband: (disgusted looking face) I’m still ordering take-out.

“Fend for yourself” – dreaded words in our house. Truth be told,  I did have a lot of rice on my hands. You see, our pup, Chance, had a difficult time in the tummy area, if you know what I mean. The vet said to feed him nothing but rice and ground turkey. So in addition to cooking for my husband and me, I was cooking for the dog too. Perfect. So, I made this ENORMOUS pot of rice. Chance loved it, but he didn’t get any better. As a matter of fact, he was marginally worse.

I decided to eat Chance’s rice. I put it with some steamed broccoli, grated Parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper.

Gourmet dog food.

I was so distraught about eating the dog’s rice, that I needed to wash it down with something tasty. I chose a bottle of rosé. I am big into rosés these days. They are the perfect spring wine. I’m not sure it was a technically correct pairing with the broccoli and rice, but I enjoyed it,  so that’s all that matters! If you haven’t tried rosé since the last time you had white zinfandel out of a box, please reconsider! This rosé is very dry – not sweet at all.

If you tasted this blind, you would swear it was a white wine. Promise!

I had County Line Rosé (2009). It’s about $20 in a wine store. Give it a try!

P.S. Chance is much better now!

  1. As you might know, I am a dog lover. A few months back, Lucy was not feeling well, so I took her to the vet. I put her on non-fat chicken stock(heated in the microwave for a few seconds). She stayed on this for several days as I re-introduced dry with chicken stock to her. She loved it and was all better soon.

  2. sounds like my house around dinner time! curious, did your hubby eat rice and broccoli or did he get take out?

    • He ordered egg plant parm from an Italian restaurant near our apartment. He would never eat broccoli and rice for dinner!

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