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The Opposite of a Healthy Muffin

In breakfast, Muffins on April 29, 2010 at 6:00 pm

As I’ve posted previously, I would like to find a healthy muffin that is really delicious. This muffin, is very delicious, but healthy? Not so much. I had a granny smith apple that needed to be baked. It just stared at me from the kitchen counter and begged to be put into a muffin.

I've seen this look before.

I researched some apple muffin recipes and found something interesting on another food blog: Sugar Plum. Sugar Plum is written by a young woman (seriously young – like 20) who also loves to bake. Her photos and recipes all look amazing. This is the first one I’ve tried: Cinnamon-Apple-Butterscotch Muffins.

I followed the recipe with a few exceptions. I did not have any butterscotch handy, so I substituted white chocolate. I love white chocolate and always have it around. I do not think the muffins minded. Also, I didn’t add the topping that the recipe mentions. If you really want to make a crazy, decadent muffin…sprinkle the tops with cinnamon-sugar, drizzle a little maple syrup over each muffin and add a slice of dried apple. Oh my god, that sounds so good! I restrained myself – mostly because I was out of syrup.

Ready for the oven (sans topping).

I feel like I need to go to the gym.

These are serious muffins – big, moist, decadent, definitely a treat – not something you can eat everyday (unless you are seriously young – like 20). I took them from New York to Florida to enjoy with family. Unfortunately, the muffins did not travel so well. They were in a zip-lock in a back pack that I carried on, and the travel was rough on the poor guys. They crumbled a lot. We ate them anyway, and they still tasted great.

Maybe one will accidentally fall onto the floor.


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