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Nana’s Pancakes

In breakfast on May 5, 2010 at 6:25 am

Here is a “guest blog” from my mom. She said she was both “honored and horrified” when I asked her to do it! I know there are a lot of cool grandmothers out there who will enjoy this post.

LaVon asked me to write a “guest blog” about the various types of pancakes that my grandchildren and I make. First, let me explain that I am not a “morning person”, and I am grumpy at best when awakened at 6:00 AM , which is the average time of my grandson’s “Good Morning, Nana!”   I do, however, love pancakes.  So, as a treat for myself, I started making pancakes for breakfast whenever the grandchildren are here.  Ends up,  they love pancakes as much as I do, and we make them every morning they are here, even if it is three days in a row!

I always use Aunt Jemima Buttermilk complete pancake mix.  I add milk instead of water to provide more protein, plus the calcium and vitamin D.  I use butter instead of oil to coat the pan.  I have tried every type of butter substitute, but none impart the flavor that butter does. I melt about 1/2 Tbsp of butter in the pan before cooking each batch.  I eat mine without syrup, straight out of the pan, but everyone else enjoys Aunt Jemima Butter lite syrup.

I bet you're wondering why there are marshmallows in this photograph.

To this basic “recipe”, we have tried adding sliced bananas, strawberries, apples or blueberries.  If we don’t add fruit, we usually “decorate” the pancakes. I have a collection of holiday cookie cutters and assorted decorative sprinkles and colored sugars.  We have made Halloween, Christmas, and Easter pancakes.  Sometimes we pour the pancake mix into greased cookie cutters, but it is easier to just decorate a regular pancake shape.  We always pour the batter into the hot pan and then decorate the top of the pancakes before flipping them.

This weekend when we were discussing what type of pancakes to make,  my granddaughter, Leila, looked at my canister of mini marshmallows and asked, “why don’t we make marshmallow pancakes?” Well, this was a novel idea, so we decided to try it.  My only concern was the possibility of the marshmallows sticking to the pan. We decided to add the marshmallows to the batter.  This gave them a protective coating and only a few of the marshmallows were “opened” during the flipping process. We cook the pancakes over medium heat until golden brown.

The marshmallows might "explode" slightly when cooking the pancakes.

These pancakes were delicious!  Grandparents, children and grandchildren all gave them an A+. The melted marshmallows add a unique taste, and are just sweet enough to make “Grumpy” “Happy”.



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