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Ginger Cookies with Lemon Cream

In Cookies on May 21, 2010 at 4:34 pm

I experimented with a new cookie today.

Here are the ingredients.

Here are the results - Ginger Cookies Filled with Lemon Cream

I am in love with “sandwich” cookies these days. I think it’s because I get to make cookies AND icing. I’m not sure which one I love more. Probably icing.

One of the key ingredients in this cookie is molasses. The molasses is what gives the cookie its dark brown color. I have never owned molasses until today. It’s as brown as chocolate syrup and as sticky as crazy glue. I got some on my counter, and it was a mess to remove. The recipe specifies “unsulfured molasses” – what the heck is that? According to Wikipedia, “sulphured molasses is made from young sugar cane. Sulphur dioxide, which acts as a preservative, is added during the sugar extraction process. Unsulphured molasses is made from mature sugar cane, which does not require treatment with sulphur.” When I set out to make this cookie, I was worried about finding the right molasses, but it was not a problem. They sell it everywhere.

I followed this recipe from Food & Wine. It was pretty easy. I have never intentionally made flat, crisp cookies. These are supposed to be flat and crisp, and that’s exactly the way they turned out.

The cookies are kind of like a ginger snap.

My husband loves the cookies. He doesn’t like icing though, which is insane perfect. I graciously scrape off the icing for him, and he eats the cookie (me the icing).

A great compromise.

  1. Love this one! It’s just like the night i made the coconut cake and you scraped it clean! Clearly a perfect match!

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