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Bon Voyage!

In Travel on May 28, 2010 at 3:50 pm

I am leaving tomorrow for a ridiculous two week vacation. My husband’s company requires him to take one consecutive two week vacation annually. It’s a protective measure by the bank to ensure that their employees are not up to any shady behavior. We are both super excited because neither of us have had a full two weeks of vacation. Ever. Summer break in college doesn’t count because that wasn’t really work.

On Saturday we fly to Nice, France. We are renting a car there and driving to a little village named “Langhe.” Langhe is near Alba in Italy. This region is known for two things: red wine and truffles. Seriously? That might be my version of heaven.

This is a rare white truffle that only grows in the hills of Langhe. I'm totally going to find one.

After our stay there, we drive to St. Tropez, France for a few relaxing beach days in the French Riviera. I’ve read that the Cote d’Azur receives 300+ days of sunshine per year. I can’t wait to hang out at the beach and people watch. My eyes will be peeled for celebrity sightings!

I think I see Catherine Zeta-Jones!

From St. Tropez we travel to Provence. We will be staying two nights each in Avignon and Aix. We will be sightseeing, touring wineries and even cooking. That’s right; we are both doing a market tour and cooking class in Aix. So exciting!!!

Our cooking class starts with a trip to the market to select our produce, meats and freshly baked bread. I get chill bumps just thinking about it.

For our last night, we are meeting friends from London in Monaco. Monaco is known for formal, old-school casinos and beautiful yachts. Hopefully we will not get thrown out.

I have been fretting for weeks over what to wear in Monaco. A jacket and tie are required for men in the casino, so it's fancy!

I have been cooking and baking my derriere off for the last 2 weeks to have enough blog posts during my time off. There are lots of good things coming up, so please keep reading!

I will definitely post highlights from our trip when we get home. Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. Please send me photos of your Memorial Day BBQ, and I’ll post those one day. And by all means, share any of your great rib recipes!

  1. i think you should wear your cute, little dress you wore in vegas. you looked so hot it that dress. have fun!

  2. It’s packed!

  3. Nice and Monaco are amazing- you guys are going to have a WONDERFUL trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it! Will send pictures of BBQ- Jake is smoking a butt tomorrow- yum!

  4. Jake , good luck with your butt.

  5. Sigh.
    I would like to trade lives please. I am happy to come back to mine when you return from France. Actually, give me one more week to just cook to my hearts desire in NYC then I will return to reality.

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