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Clamming in Westhampton Beach!

In Just Good Food, Lunch on June 28, 2010 at 2:40 pm

My friend, Melissa, grew up vacationing in Westhampton Beach, NY. I asked her if she ever went clamming as a kid. She lit up and said that she still loves to go clamming. So…on Sunday, she generously drove us out to a clamming spot and taught us what to do. It’s a ton of fun!

Basically, you stand in the water and do “the twist” while digging your heels down into the sand. The idea is to get your feet a few inches into the floor of the bay. If you feel something hard, it’s a clam! Once you feel the clam, you go down into the water and pick it up. If it’s closed, it’s a keeper!


We clammed for maybe an hour and got almost 70 clams! We threw some back because we felt they were too big. Large clams are best used for chowder…for a clam bake, you really want smaller clams.

I won the award for finding the smallest clam.

We first soaked all of the clams in ice cold water to remove the sand. Then we put some of them on the grill and heated them up just until they opened. Once opened, we added a mixture of butter, garlic, shallots, breadcrumbs and bacon to each clam shell. Then we broiled them in the oven for a minute until browned on top! Delicious!

The clams were awesome!

Just out of the broiler.

For some of the smaller clams, I made a white wine, butter and lemon sauce with fresh parsley and lemon juice. I steamed the clams in the sauce until they opened up. We served these with a crusty baguette. The sauce was so tasty and perfect with a fresh piece of warm bread.

It took a while for everything to come together, and it made a giant mess, but I loved our first clamming expedition and clam bake!

  1. That looks like so much fun.Did ya’ll have a clamming license??? When is clamming season?? Dad

    • It is a lot of fun. Maybe we can go while you’re here. According to my sources, clams can be harvested year-round in NY. The recreational limit is 100 clams per person. No mechanical means are allowed. Just a rake and/or your feet!

  2. that’s awesome. my family went clamming for the first time last week on the cape. the harvested a ton! (love your dad asking if you got a license – some things never change!)

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