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Trying to Eat Less Meat

In Miscellaneous on July 22, 2010 at 9:45 am

One of the new “healthy eating” fads is to eat less meat. Too much meat in your diet is not good for you and it’s bad for the world (not to mention the animals). There are many who believe our high-protein diet has contributed to some of our environmental problems – I don’t know a lot about this, but evidently it takes a ton of energy to process meat and that equates to a ton of pollution and waste (and potentially global warming!). So now we have to eat less carbs, dairy and meat. So what are we supposed to eat? That leaves grains, fruit, nuts and veggies. I’m sure a few years from now, we’ll be on an all meat, dairy and carb diet. But for now, I’m trying to find meat-less protein sources.

Enter Tofu. You can read all about tofu on Wikipedia. Here are the basics:

1. It’s soy bean curd, folks. It’s made from curdled soy bean milk. The curds are pressed into a block which is how tofu is sold in stores.

2. Tofu tastes really bland all by itself. It’s like a sponge though… marinating the tofu really adds flavor.

3.Tofu is a good source of protein, low in calories, low in fat, low in cholesterol. Click this link to find out the specific nutritional values of tofu.

I made this tofu burger while my husband was out of town. No way would he have agreed to eat this.

I think my “burger” was pretty good. I marinated the tofu in lemon juice, basil and a little olive oil.

I let the tofu and marinade hang out for over an hour.

I grilled the tofu in my grill pan for 3 minutes on each side. I basted along the way.

I made a little olive spread to go on my burger. Just diced kalamata olives with yogurt and a little sour cream.

I made it, I ate it, and I liked it. BUT I don’t like that tofu has no natural flavor. You have to use so many herbs, spices, salt, etc. to get it to taste like anything! Cardboard probably has more flavor than tofu. If anyone has any good tofu recipes out there, please send them my way. I am not giving up on it just yet.

  1. I can’t get on board with tofu. i have tried it many times, but i think after i have marinated it or fried it, it’s probably just as worse than anything else. i have however, fallen in love with this caesar dressing that is made with tofu. it’s great as a dip for vegetables, too!

    – 2 ounces of cubed parmesan
    – 2 gloves of garlic
    – 2 Tb of dijon mustard
    – 1 1/2 ts of white wine vinegar
    – 1 1/2 ts worcestershire sauce
    – 1 1/2 ts of anchovy paste
    – juice of half a lemon
    – 1 ts of salt
    – 1 ts of fresh cracked pepper
    – 1 cup of silken tofu
    – 2 TB of olive oil

    starting on the lowest speed, chop the cheese cubes in the blender jar until it settles into the bottom of the jar, gradually increasing the speed. add the garlic down the chute and chop until minced.

    next, add the mustard, white wine vinegar, worcestershire sauce, anchovy paste, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and tofu to the blender and blend until smooth. while the blender is running, drizzle olive oil down the chute. add more or less of the olive oil and blend until it reaches salad dressing consistency. season with salt and pepper to taste

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