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Shrimp, Mango and Avocado Salad

In Just Good Food, Miscellaneous on August 4, 2010 at 7:54 am

When my husband has work dinners, I take the opportunity to make something that I enjoy but that he would never eat. Tofu, breakfast for dinner, cheese and crackers, etc. I think this shrimp, mango and avocado salad falls into that category. If I made this for us, Dan would definitely ask “what else do you have?” or “that’s it?”. He has a very ravenous healthy appetite.

I found this salad to be delicious and filling yet healthy. I actually ate it for dinner and lunch the next day. You can find the recipe in the August issue of Bon Appétit. I’m loving this issue by the way! Great recipes for zucchini!

Slice one mango.

And one avocado.

Then cook a few shrimp (Chance was oddly intrigued by the shrimp).

Once you’ve got all the key ingredients slice and cooked, make the dressing. I really love this dressing. It’s made with sweet chili sauce, rice vinegar and fresh ginger. You can buy the chili sauce at the grocery in the Asian aisle. Just whisk the 3 ingredients together, and voila! Dressing is done.

The recipe says to start with butter lettuce and layer on the shrimp, avocado and mango. I used arugula because I had some. I think butter lettuce would have been better. I also topped my salad with a few grinds of crushed red pepper and some fresh chives.

Isn't it pretty? This is an appetizer portion. For a full meal I used 5 shrimp and more mango and avocado. Enjoy!


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