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Chicken Part II (read Part I from yesterday first)

In Just Good Food on August 12, 2010 at 8:58 am

Once the chicken was in the oven, the Kitchen and I took a full bath in Clorox wipes.

I cleaned the kitchen extremely well because I did not want to invite Big Sal to dinner. “Big Sal” is what we call salmonella in our house. You can read all about it on the CDC website. Basic things you need to know:

  • If you get salmonella, you will be sick, sick, sick. But you will probably survive. Even though you might wish you were dead.
  • The bacteria is typically transmitted by people eating foods that are contaminated with animal poop. Thorough cooking kills salmonella, so get out your meat thermometer.
  • Salmonella can be prevented by keeping a very clean kitchen (do not cross contaminate poultry or any raw food with veggies or fruit), by washing your hands a lot, and by not handling animal poo.

I made sure my chicken was thoroughly cooked. Big Sal is not welcome at this imaginary restaurant.

My chicken was small, so it cooked for only 50 minutes. I used my thermometer to make sure it was ready. After the chicken had cooled I started to carve it. I have never done this before. Any time I’ve ever roasted a whole chicken, my husband did the carving job. I really wish he had been home. I totally butchered the chicken. It was not pretty so I did not photograph it!

I did eat a drumstick after it was all over. It was delicious! I haven’t had a drumstick in years.  The rest of the chicken was also very tasty. I shredded the meat and made a Chinese Chicken Salad. I got the recipe from Food & Wine. I followed the instructions with a few exceptions:

  • I used non-fat Greek yogurt instead of mayo
  • I added chopped carrots
  • I used red butter leaf lettuce instead of romaine
  • Instead of a purchased rotisserie chicken, I used my organic, pastured chicken

There is a lot of chopping involved in this recipe, but it's really delicious!

I had some leftover chicken, so I also made a wrap for lunch. It’s chicken, sauteed red onion, goat cheese and a roasted red pepper puree.

Also delicious!

I will definitely continue to buy local, organic, pastured chickens. I think it’s better for humans, chickens, farmers and everything involved in the food chain. Enjoy!

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