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Farmer’s Market Eggs

In Just Good Food on August 23, 2010 at 8:30 am

As you know, I’m obsessed with the Farmer’s Market. I’m trying to buy everything there (when at all possible). This includes eggs.

I bought these cute, little guys at the Westhampton Farmer's Market.

The fresh eggs look pretty much like regular eggs, but they are a little smaller. The real difference is the color of the yolk. I was shocked when I cracked the eggs open. The yolk is a really bright yellow color. And the egg white is a lot less runny than in regular eggs.

Can you see how the egg on the right is much more intense in color than the egg on the left? The right egg is fresh.

Dan and I pretty much like and eat all of the same things, but we do have a difference of opinions when it comes to eggs.

Dan likes to scramble his eggs with herbs and then put it on a sandwich. Check out how yellow those eggs are!

I like to fry one egg and put it on toast topped with arugula. I really love my eggs when the yolk is still runny, but I've been worried about Big Sal, so I cooked this egg all the way through.

I heard yesterday that 1/2 a billion eggs have been recalled! That is crazy! There is a list of recalled egg brands and plant numbers listed here. I would definitely be sure to cook eggs all the way through until this mess is figured out. It’s too bad because that means no more sneaking bites of cookie dough. Speaking of, I haven’t tried fresh eggs in baked goods yet. I wonder if it would make a difference? I’ll let you know!


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