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My Five Favorite Conveniences in the Kitchen

In Miscellaneous on August 26, 2010 at 9:32 am

Since I started this blog, I had to update a few small things in my kitchen. I’ve been cooking and baking more than ever, so having the right tools is a must!

1. Pre-cut parchment paper. I am such a novice. I didn’t even know this existed. This parchment paper is already cut to the size of a standard cookie sheet. They also make them in rounds for cake pans.

Simply brilliant. I bought these at Whole Foods. You can get pre cut sheets at any specialty kitchen shop.

2. Magnetic measuring spoons. I found these at Crate and Barrel. I am in love with them. My old measuring spoons are attached with a ring. I much prefer these that I can pull apart easily. It’s great that they are double ended too. I can measure a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of Dijon mustard without having to clean out all the honey. It’s fast and easy. I liked them so much I got the measuring cups too.

Only $7.95! I love how they stay neatly stacked together.

3. Mini Prep. Unfortunately, I just don’t have room for storing large appliances. I don’t have a stand mixer in NYC (something I debate every day) or a large food processor. I make do with my Mini Prep. I just LOVE this thing! It’s great for pureeing, chopping, grating, etc. I use it to make bread crumbs, olive tapenade, hummus and romesco sauce. It’s small and fits in a drawer, and I throw everything but the base into the dishwasher.I purchased mine at Sur La Table.

They come in white, stainless steel and the fun colors above. Macy's also sells these...wait for a coupon or sale and buy one!

4. Microplane Rasp Grater. This is a kitchen necessity. I have several different microplanes.

This one is my favorite.

I use it mostly for zesting lemons, limes and oranges. But I also use it for freshly grated ginger. It’s easy to clean – just throw it in the dishwasher. Lots of places sell these, but I got mine at Williams Sonoma. It’s $14.95 but worth every penny!

5. Small glass bowls with lids. I am sick of all my ziplock plastic storage containers. I have used them to take my lunches to work for years, and they are just gross and stained. I am done with them. I have replaced them with glass bowls with plastic lids. I also store leftovers in these and chopped herbs, fruit and veggies. I got these at Crate and Barrel.

Only $1.95! They come in a variety of sizes too!

Please share your favorite kitchen tools with me. I am a sucker for new gadgets!

  1. This is so great! Thanks for the tips! I need those measuring spoons and I have debated getting the mini prep for years. I have the space for the big one but cleaning it can be such a pain, that I won’t always bother.
    I love my grill pan (http://store.calphalon.com/calphalon-unison-nonstick-12-in-grill-pan/221016?Redirect=1) so easy to use when the weather isn’t cooperating for grilling or you are out of charcoal or gas.
    There’s my tip for ya!

    • People say the mini prep is also good for homemade baby food. It’s probably worth a shot! Thanks for the grill pan tip!

  2. i love, love, love my new fish spatula. i recently bought one at williams-sonoma and can’t believe i haven’t had one all these years! i use to use a plan ole spatula, but the way the fish spatula is made, makes it so much easy to flip fish. i also couldn’t imagine life without my olive oil dispenser!

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