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Locanda Verde

In Just Good Food on September 2, 2010 at 8:45 am

I haven’t posted about a restaurant in quite some time. A restaurant needs to be really impressive to make this blog!  I’ve wanted to try Locanda Verde since it opened last year. Unfortunately, it’s one of those places that requires a reservation a month in advance. Every time I call to make a res, the conversation goes like this.

Me: Hi, I’d like to make a dinner reservation.

Nice Reservation Lady: Let me see what we have available. I can seat a party of 2 at 11PM on Tuesday the 28th of September. Or I have 5:00pm on Monday, the 20th.

Me: Do you have anything at a more typical dinner hour?

Nice Reservation Lady: No I’m sorry. You are welcome to walk-in and wait 10 hours for a spot at our bar.

Me: Okay, thank you. Click.

So, imagine my delight when Dan scored a res!!!! He had a work dinner there and before he left he used his good looks and charm (and maybe a $20) to persuade Nice Reservation Lady to give us a table at 6:30PM. Still early, but not that bad!

Locanda Verde is located in the base of the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. Robert De Nero is one of the owners.

The Locanda Verde website claims that the food is “Italian influenced tavern cooking.” OMG. The food is just to die for. We went with another couple, and honestly, all of us were conflicted when making our dinner choices. There were so many dishes that sounded amazing. We ended up sharing an unhealthy amount a bunch of appetizers. We had the following (they were small):

Blue crab with jalapeno and tomato on a crostini (good but not enough jalapeno for me)

Lamb meatball sliders (the table favorite)

Crispy artichokes (I’m a huge artichoke lover, and these were so delicious!)

Sheep’s milk ricotta with sea salt and herbs also on a crostini (to die for)

Local tomato salad with watermelon and smoked ricotta from abruzzi (awesome)

Sliders in the foreground, sheep's milk ricotta in the back. So yummy.

I did not take the photos here, I stole them from the internet. I just can’t get comfortable with photographing food at a nice restaurant. I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed these photos!

For our entrees, I had trofie with basil pesto, gaeta olives and parmigiano-reggiano.

Trofie is a short spiral pasta. It was delicious. I would definitely recommend it.

Dan had veal agnolotti with pancetta, spinach and rosemary. He really like his dish, but it was on the small side. He ate half of my pasta in addition to his entree. Agnolotti is like ravioli (see the travel section of this blog to read more about it). Our friends had orcchiette with homemade duck sausage, broccoli rabe and piave and fire roasted garlic chicken. The chicken is “for two” on the menu, but they can do it for one. The “one” portion was still very hearty. Our friends really liked their meals, as well.

For dessert (yes, we shared desserts) we had a chocolate tart with raspberry sauce and pistachio gelato and a peach and blackberry crostada with peach swirl gelato. I’m just drooling remembering that chocolate tart. If you like chocolate, this tart is for you. I wasn’t a huge fan of the crostada, but everyone else really liked it.

The pastry chef, Karen DeMasco, has a cookbook called “The Craft of Baking.”

Umm, my birthday is in a few months, and I would really like to have this book. Hint, hint. Mom, Dad, are you reading?

I highly recommend Locanda Verde. We enjoyed our experience so much that we are going back next month. We even convinced Nice Reservation Lady to give us a table at 8:15pm for our next dinner!

  1. They need to hire you for pr. that was a wonderful description . The next time we are in NYC, I’ll furnish the 20 bucks!!!!!!

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