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Chocolate Salami

In Travel on September 15, 2010 at 9:25 am

Do you guys remember the trip we took earlier this summer? Italy and France? It seems so long ago now. Time flies, that’s for sure.

When we were in Italy, I was introduced to a local dessert called “Chocolate Salami”. Chocolate salami is made of delicious chocolate and biscotti. Basically, Italian cooks break up the biscotti pieces and put it in melted chocolate. Then they form a log and slice it into pieces. It’s called “chocolate salami” because it looks strangely similar to salami.

I had this chocolate salami at a small restaurant in a remote village in Piedmont, Italy. It was absolute heaven.

I had never seen chocolate salami offered in the United States until now. I read about Cacao Atlanta in the September issue of Food & Wine and chocolate salami is one of their specialties. I placed an order and had it shipped to NYC so I could check it out.

My package came with this handwritten note (nice touch) and a little caramel candy.

This is Cacao Atlanta's chocolate salami.

While not exactly like the chocolate salami in Italy, this was certainly a good treat. I do think it would have been better if I had been able to purchase it in the store and then eat it on the same day. It was packaged well, but I had it shipped to a PO Box, and it sat there for a few days before I was able to pick it up. Will one of you who lives in Atlanta please go by Cacao Atlanta and give me a report? I’d love to know if it’s as cute in real life as it is in my imagination!

  1. i’m your girl for this. going today – might blog about it.

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