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Just a Few Thoughts

In Just Good Food on September 22, 2010 at 8:17 am

This is totally random post. There is no real theme today. Just some thoughts…
1. Thank goodness for Halloween. It’s the only time of year that candy corn is readily available. I am in love with candy corn. I wonder what would happen if I chopped up some candy corn and put it in a cookie or brownie. I am going to research this and get back to you.

Brach's is the best brand to buy. I have tried every brand out there, and I do not eat anything but Brach's. It's just the best.

2. I watch the NBC Nightly News every night. I am a NBC girl for news. If it’s not reported on the Today Show or by Brian Williams, I figure it’s not that important. Last night, Brian told me about genetically engineered salmon. A company in Massachusetts wants the FDA to approve salmon that has been GENETICALLY ENGINEERED. For all of you scientists who read my blog, please stop messing with our fish, livestock and poultry. You can watch this disturbing news clip here. It’s a very short clip. Isn’t Brian Williams cute?

3. I was pretty excited to receive the newest issue of Cooking Light. Holy peanut butter banana bread! I will definitely be making this cover recipe.

5. I have discovered an awesome source for organic bread that is not full of weird chemicals. I purchased some bread at the Union Square Green Market from a company called “Bread Alone“. The bread was fresh and delicious. I toasted a slice and spread a little peanut butter on it. Then I made a BLT sandwich. Then I had a piece of cinnamon toast. Then I went to the gym. You can order their bread online or if you are in the New York area, Whole Foods carries their products.

Look for this logo. I haven't been disappointed in anything I've purchased from Bread Alone.

6. Last but not least….the stands at the green market are no longer filled with heirloom tomatoes and peaches. In the last week, the fall produce has started to appear. Pears, apples and pumpkins! I bought a big bag of apples yesterday and plan to make homemade apple sauce. I am pretty solid on apple and pumpkin recipes, but I’d like to experiment more with pears. Send your pear recipes my way!

  1. that clip was gross. my god, enough already. it seems as though the trend right now is all about sustainable, farmed foods. i don’t see this one taking off. i least i hope not. i’m looking forward to your fall posts and recipes!

  2. This blog was one of my favorites, even though there were no recipes! I must admit, it made me think, “what would candy corn pancakes taste like?” Maybe Leila and I will have to do that research.

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