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Faux Banana Ice Cream

In Fruit on September 6, 2011 at 7:32 pm

My mom is an article clipper. She always has been. Whenever I come home there is a stack of newspaper/magazine clippings awaiting me. The topics range  wildly: latest trends in sunscreen, recipes, cancer prevention, Auburn recruiting news, rare brain eating amoebas (not a joke folks). It used to annoy me, but now I actually think her article clipping is endearing. And sometimes I actually learn something.

I was really excited when I saw her stack of recipe clips on my recent visit home. The most enticing was “Faux Banana Ice Cream”. It was in the Birmingham News – written by an Alabama woman who has a cooking blog called Plain Chicken.

Here’s the deal with this “ice cream”. It’s not ice cream at all. If you go into thinking you are going to have a decadent treat you’ll be disappointed. Keep your expectations low and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Start by cutting up some bananas and putting them in the freezer.

After they are well frozen, puree them with the tool of your choice. We used an immersion blender, but I think a food processor would have worked a little better.

If you want soft serve, go ahead and eat the “ice cream” immediately. If you want a thicker texture, put the pureed bananas back in the freezer. The Plain Chicken lady recommends all sorts of things you can add to the bananas (cocoa, peanut butter, honey, nutella, etc.). We kept it simple and just did the bananas.

Then I crunched up two mini Reese's Cups and used them as a topping.

You can find the recipe here. Enjoy!

  1. i made this last weekend – must be a trendy new recipe. i topped it with chocolate syrup and peanuts. overall i really liked it.

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