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Finally a Cookie!

In Cookies on October 4, 2011 at 7:38 pm

I am trying not to eat too many cookies these days. I actually haven’t been baking much at all, but the babe is getting a tooth (or possibly even teeth) and I needed a little cookie pick me up. The pediatrician said that the pain associated with cutting a tooth is equivalent to an adult breaking a bone. First of all, that sounds horrible, but second of all, how could that possibly be known? It’s not like a 6 month old can tell you how much pain they are in. I broke down and gave her some Tylenol today. The homeopathic teething tablets just weren’t cutting it. Then she ate some bananas and I had a cookie. We all felt better.

Start with a bag of Guittard chocolate chips.

I purchased this bag because it said “extra dark chocolate” on it. They weren’t kidding, but I really like the intensity of this chocolate. I followed the recipe for “Double Dark Chocolate Cookies” on the back of the bag.

I followed the recipe exactly.


Fresh out of the oven, the cookies taste like a molten chocolate cake. You know those little cakes that are cookie-ish on the outside and ooze with warm chocolate on the inside? I LOVE those cakes. I would eat one right this second if someone would make it, bring it to me and then clean my dish afterwards.

In other news, the babe, Dan and I are going to Healdsburg, CA later this week. We are absolutely insane, and I don’t know why I ever agreed to this trip. The babe is going to cry for the whole flight and wake up at 4AM every morning. If I survive, I’ll post a new blog entry next week.

  1. uh, a broken leg, seriously? probably the last comparison a mother wants to hear. if it makes you fell any better, i don’t remember teething as a baby…

  2. LaVon teethed badly , but she also survived , So did her parents. The cookies look delicious.

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